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Frequently Asked Questions

Bandolier Rewards Club

Introducing the Bandolier Rewards Club

How do I become a Bandolier Rewards Club member?

How do I earn points?

How do I use my points?

Will I receive points for previous purchases, prior to the launch of the rewards program?

Do my Bandolier Rewards Club points expire?

How do I check my point balance?

I have enough points! Why can't I redeem my points?

Can I share my points with someone else or another account?

Bandolier Referral Program

How does the Referral Program work?

How do I share my referral link?

Do I need to have a Rewards account to refer a friend?

Can I use my referral discount with another discount code?



How to take care of my Bandolier?

Does Bandolier fit onto my phone if I have an existing case already on my phone?

What size iPhone do I have?

What size iPhones does Bandolier fit?

Do you sell gift cards?

Are Bandolier straps adjustable?

Is the strap detachable from the case?

Can I buy a strap separately?

Shipping & Returns

How do I make a return (if I am still in the 30-day purchase period)?

I just received my order, but I think I might like another style better. Can I exchange?

I think I'm having a warranty issue with my case or strap, what do I do?

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