Maggie Drake

Maggie Drake


Co-Founder & CEO, Bandolier

What is your favorite work from home outfit? 

Cozy sweater and comfy jeans or

fun sweatpants

What new habits or hobbies have you discovered since working from home?

I’m cooking everyday now so I’m trying so many new recipes and I’m discovering so many kitchen gadgets I’ve never pulled out before! I also love to FaceTime with friends or family while cooking and sharing recipes. I’d also love to start gardening so I’m doing lots of research to see how I can make that happen in our yard.

I love to sit by the fire with a stack of magazines and my dog Bailey.

How do you stay active?

I stay active by doing virtual workouts with my trainer 3 days a week. It’s a great workout. I also take long walks with my dog. I’ve had many people tell me about virtual dance parties so I gotta try that.Sounds like so much fun!

What have you done to stay connected with friend and family while practicing social distancing?

I FaceTime everyday with friends and family. My social calendar seems to be just as busy as before but instead of dinners, we schedule virtual hangouts to catch up. I also play online mahjong with friends, we’ll FaceTime as we play so it’s like we’re playing in person. So much fun!!

What have been your essentials for working

from home?

Bandolier Crossbody

Hand Sanitizer

Aesop Hand Creme

Biocidin Throat Spray

 Ember Mug

I love all of these styles!

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